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    We want to revolutionize cancer care by treating each patient using the best available science, and at the same time drive that science forward. While it may take some years to thoroughly validate personalized molecular therapies for cancer in large-scale clinical trials, we believe patients fighting cancer today can and should have access to the most advanced and promising ideas science has to offer.

    It is now feasible to analyze the entire genome of an individual patient’s tumor and identify rational therapeutic strategies tailored to that patient. Although technical challenges remain, the best way to surmount them is through a continuous learning process, solving problems and improving outcomes one patient at a time. With nearly 600,000 Americans dying of cancer every year, most after failing standard of care, we are compelled to put these ideas to the test.

    All cancer patients, not just our clients, will eventually benefit from our work.

    We envision a new treatment paradigm where each patient's care is driven by continuous research, testing and refining of strategies based on observing how the patient responds to therapies. A therapy that proves effective in a patient can efficiently drive the discovery of new cancer biology, diagnostics and therapeutics. Unsuccessful therapies can be analyzed to refine understanding of the tumor’s biology and the drugs’ mechanisms of action.

    This paradigm arrives in the nick of time, amid growing concerns that the current paradigm, rooted in randomized clinical trials, is about to hit a wall. Cancer is hundreds if not thousands of unique molecular diseases. With hundreds of new targeted therapies and diagnostics in development, there simply isn’t enough time, money, patients or specimens to test all relevant therapy combinations on large groups of patients. We need a smarter approach, one that exploits genomics to generate much more information from every patient, particularly information about which drugs are likely to work best in specific patients. Such an approach, exemplified by our company, enables drugs to be tested with far fewer patients. It lets us leverage what we learn at the molecular level across many cancers, and rapidly develop new off-label uses for targeted therapies that are approved. Most importantly, it provides each patient with the optimal treatment and assurance that we have left no stone unturned.


    Your cancer is unique. Your treatment should be too.

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