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    Q. How is your approach different from other personalized medicine services? 

    A. We analyze the whole genome and expression profile of the tumor, not just a select number of diagnostic markers. Our analysis points to a much bigger universe of potential treatments.

    Q. Will I need to change my doctor?

    A. No, our role is scientific in nature. We collaborate with your doctor, who remains in charge of your medical care.

    Q. How long will this take?

    A. We are usually able to support specific treatment decisions within 1 month. The full analysis is typically complete after 2 months.

    Q. Is your service covered by insurance?

    A. Our approach is experimental, and therefore not covered by Medicare or insurance companies. Patients need to be prepared to pay costs out of pocket. Please contact us for further information. 

    Q. What do I get out of your services?

    A. We will work with your oncologist to develop a custom-tailored treatment strategy designed to combat the biological alterations that are driving your cancer. We meet with you and your oncologist in person to review and discuss this plan and the evidence behind the approach based on the specific biochemical pathways in which we have identified changes within your cancer. We also provide ongoing scientific support to you and your oncologist.

    Q. What type of tumor sample do you need?

    A. Our tissue requirements are modest and we are flexible with regard to preservation method. Usually we can get the tissue samples we need from previous biopsies, but we typically will collaborate with your oncologist to determine the best course of action. 

    Q. Every oncologist says this is the future. Are you too far ahead of the times?

    A. For 95 percent of our patients we have found one or more treatment options that are on the market or in clinical trials today. For 85 percent of our patients, these have been approaches that the oncologist had not previously considered. Before we begin, we have a call with your oncologist to agree on details of the study design and to ensure that our findings could impact their treatment decisions.