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    Our Process

    1. We discuss your case. When you first contact us, we will speak with you to learn about your situation and to discuss whether our genomic analysis can be helpful.
    2. We coordinate with your oncologist. We will speak with your oncologist to confirm the details of the study. If your oncologist has not worked with GeneKey before, we will brief them on our approach and answer any questions they may have.
    3. We extract data from your tissue samples. To create the most complete view of your tumor available, we generate tens of thousands of data points across multiple genomic technologies. We generate this data from your normal cells as well to provide a comparative benchmark. The requisite tumor and normal cells can usually be obtained from your previous biopsies or surgeries. 
    4. We integrate the raw data into a comprehensive molecular profile of your cancer. Our experts will perform an in-depth analysis of the data. To identify the treatment options best suited to your cancer, we use a systems biology approach that captures not only individual molecular aberrations but their complex interactions across all known human biology. This enables us to identify the molecular mechanisms that are actually driving your cancer. 
    5. We meet with your oncologist. Based on our findings, we will provide custom-tailored treatment plans. We will present our complete analysis of the data from your tumor sample and the relevant literature to fully inform your doctor's decisions. To support both current and future treatment decisions, we will provide further analaysis of this data as needed at no additional charge. 

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