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    Director/VP Pharmacogenomics

    We are seeking an exceptional individual to join our team. The position involves:

    • Analysis and interpretation of  tumor-derived genomic data, including but not limited to RNA microarray expression data, SNP array copy number analysis, whole exome sequence data, proteomic data
    • Integration of genomic data using pathway analysis and literature-based research
    • Generation of hypotheses regarding potential therapeutic efficacy based on mechanistic understanding of dysregulated pathways in tumor
    • Preparation of reports documenting findings
    • Presentation of results to oncologists
    • Development of new methodology for genomic data analysis, integration, and interpretration


    • Ph.D. in biological science, 15+ years experience in both bench research and computational research, must include oncology and molecular biology
    • Publication record in either systems biology, molecular oncology, and/or genomics
    • Strong presentation skills as demonstrated by multiple presentations at scientific conferences and/or teaching experience
    • Familiarity with computational methods for genomic data analysis, data mining, network analysis
    • Broad background in basic cell biology, molecular biology, and systems biology, and oncology, as demonstrated by publication record and/or specific industry experience

    Please email your cover letter and curriculum vitae to